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  Roy Dewell

Editor of and Consultant on all aspects of Marketing solutions.

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Marketing Resource Management
A guide to Marketing Automation

This site provides information and guidance for people looking for systems which will help them run their Marketing in an integrated manner whilst reducing costs. It is now perfectly feasible to run comprehensive Marketing packages which will remove the all too common situation where the various parts of Marketing work in their own silos using non-compatible technologies.   The emphasis on this site is on solutions which provide an holistic approach allowing collaboration between all parties involved in the various processes (i.e. both the Marketing department and their various suppliers). Originally these solutions were most commonly called MRM systems, or EMM or MOM or MAP or any other acronym which a supplier thought would help make them stand out in this developing area. In the last couple of years (since 2007) suppliers are now referring to their offerings as Marketing automation systems, or even Lean Marketing solutions.  By what ever name they are called, systems which provide technology to enable comprehensive support across the whole of Marketing are described on this site.  I use the term MRM now as a form of short hand.  You can call the systems by what ever name you choose.  This site is here to help with your first steps.

The content is intended for the public domain and may be used without the need to acquire permission.


Back in 2002 whilst project managing the selection and implementation of a Digital Asset Management system for Marks and Spencer's Marketing department we spent time investigating if technology could help to reduce expenditure, improve productivity and provide more timely and accurate management reporting across the whole of Marketing.

In our research we stumbled across the emerging MRM offerings almost by accident.  Back then there were very few integrated Marketing systems and even less published research.  Most Marketing departments used Office systems such as Excel or Access, or simple diary systems, whilst some bought piecemeal software to solve particular high profile problems in the hope that one day the various solutions could be made to talk to each other.  The more adventurous users were trying to link their CRM systems with Digital Asset Management or with systems which supported segmentation and specialist mailings.  MRM appeared as a potential solution to most of the issues  we had identified.  All we needed was to find the right supplier at the right price. 

However, the area was then so new, and lacking in a standarised terminology and approach, that looking for real MRM systems proved to be extremely frustrating.  Suppliers were trying to differentiate their product and approach, whilst others, who did not yet have a fully developed product, were confusing the issue by redefining terms in ways that implied the functionality they lacked is unimportant.  Further, very few suppliers agreed the technology could be conveniently pigeon holed as MRM so many new abbreviations were created to add to the confusion.

This site was created to save subsequent researchers much of the frustration we suffered.  It was intended to make it easier for the Marketing department to understand the terminology of MRM so that they could decide if it would help them. In the years since this site was raised the technology has moved on at a pace.  Unfortunately there are still few common definitions or titles for the solutions so the need for the site remains as fresh as ever. 

If it it helps you understand this emerging technology, then fine, if not please do let me know.  I will then make changes so that it should help subsequent readers.