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Conferences & Papers


The subject still does not receive the attention warranted by the size of the potential market.  

The Henry Stewart organisation regularly runs Marketing Operations Management Symposia which do cover MRM but are mainly concentrated on Digital Asset Management.  For MRM the strength of these Symposia is the high quality of the users' papers which are normally created to support the presentations.

For details of the conferences as they are published go to  Henry Stewart conferences

In the UK the Technology For Marketing Conference is beginning to cover MRM but does this from a direct mailing or Campaign management view which does not necessarily cover the whole gaumont of Marketing requirements.

For details of the Conference when it is published go to

Some of the best Conferences are run by the emerging MRM Suppliers and are by invitation only.   

Aprimo run particularly strong Conferences often presenting new findings from Kim Collins of Gartner.  If you can get an invite, do go. 


Papers and publications 

The definitive starting point for detailed research is

"Marketing Resource Management,  The noble art of getting things done in marketing. Efficiently

This 264 page paper back book, with lots of illustrations, is published directly by MRMLOGIQ, and was written by Romek Jansen and Frans Riemersma. Details are on their web site, where copies can be obtained.  The book is an easy read but covers every task you will encounter as you begin Marketing automation or decide to improve what you already have in place.  It is agnostic, so is not slanted towards any one supplier, and includes contributions from various informed people working in this area (including me!).

Increasingly Suppliers are starting to put white papers on their sites as they obtain more details of successful MRM implementations by their customers.  Over th next few months I will start to enter a list of sites where such papers can be found.

Surveys and informed comment are also collected and published on an excellent, non-supplier site,  The site is well informed, useful and often thought provoking.  Papers are written by people who are working in this area and do not merely provide a supplier-centric view.  

Useful for people who are just starting to consider installing MRM are the white papers produced by Michael Moon of Gistics.   Michael has wide experience of marketing systems and is the leading Guru on digital asset management and how the DAM can be used to help marketing.   One of his white papers on preparing the Business case for implementing a DAM is available as a free down load from  

Details of other research provided by Michael can be obtained by emailing



Blogs started to appear on MRM in 2009, discussing features and various experiences related to implementation or functionality .  Quality varied enormously.  Some were consistently good; the majority started with enthusiasm and then faded away; some were raised to discuss complaints against a particular implementation or as thinly disguised sales messages. 

The majority of still maintained blogs are y raised by suppliers, employees of suppliers, Agencies, or implementation consultants.     

The better blogs are useful reading, and provide opportunities to network and contact people who may have experiences and knowledge which could be useful to your MRM implementation.  Often the discussion threads they raise are every bit as useful as the actual blog entry.

For interesting and informed content try visiting the following. From an early list of 15 blogs these are the last two survivors. .