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Q. I disagree with some parts of your definition, how can I make my views known?

A. The views on this site are the collective views of several people from different organisations, all of whom have in-depth experience of Marketing, but that does not mean they are always totally right.

One of the objectives of this site is to establish meaningful debate so that the whole area of MRM can developed taking into consideration the experiences of as wide an audience as possible.

If you hold a contrary view, and can support that with relevant evidence, then contact this site. Your views will then be discussed and will either lead to changes in the definition etc., or may be published, totally un-amended on the Papers section of this site so that other people can read your opinions.

Q. My company supplies an MRM system which is very favourably received by all our customers, but it does not cover all of the functionality set out on this site. If, when installing our product, we also implement a few applications from other Suppliers then we do comply with your definition. Will you amend the definition to encompass our product?

A. No. The objective of this site is to totally concentrate on MRM solutions which are provided as an integrated holistic solution.

There is a valid place in the market for systems and individual applications which resolve specific issues within Marketing, but discussing these offering on this site would dilute the message we are trying to deliver.

Q.I have White Papers on MRM and details of future presentations, how can I have them included on this site?

A.Either email a copy to this site or send a link which can be published. Allow up to a week for the paper to appear on the site.

Q. Can you provide the details of sites which have implemented MRM or any way of contacting User groups in the UK?

A.This is one of the long term objectives of creating this site. At the moment the information available is, too piece meal, or too supplier specific.

In the first instance requests for contacts will be published on this site, and you will then rely upon contact from other readers. 

However, as the site develops we hope to establish the contacts and details of interested parties who would be pepared to join User Groups, which will make the task of finding MRM solutions much easier.