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The Term MRM
What activities does MRM manage?
How far does the MRM system extend?
What functionality is covered?
MRM Definition & Diagram
What benefits will MRM deliver?
What savings should MRM Deliver?
Is MRM right for every Organisation?
The issues involved in MRM installation

MRM Explained

MRM Definition

“MRM is an holistic system, capable of serving the whole of the Marketing Enterprise (including both internal and external Agencies), which manages all aspects of Brand Management and the associated production of Marketing Collateral.

The system will specifically provide functionality managing:

1.the Planning and Budget processes;

2. Process Management, allowing the appropriate people to update progress and to view the planned collateral.

3. approval of collateral, using electronic transmission of images and comments complying with the defined management hierarchy.

4. an integrated DAM storing all multimedia collateral, and associated documentation providing the required level of functionality to promote and support the re-use of existing collateral. 

5. Competitive Procurement to reduce costs and ensure consistent quality

6. the print and delivery functions .

7. comprehensive, self–selection reporting on all aspects of the services managed, including marketing efficiency, and the basis for marketing effectiveness.”.

It is not really a short, punchy, definition, but it does set out the "Magnificent 7" which differentiate MRM as an entity from the ad-hoc solutions which solve specific Marketing issues

MRM Diagram

These days every definition needs a diagram, and as this is related to Marketing, who routinely use images to convey understanding, here is the MRM diagram which matches this definition: