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The Term MRM
What activities does MRM manage?
How far does the MRM system extend?
What functionality is covered?
MRM Definition & Diagram
What benefits will MRM deliver?
What savings should MRM Deliver?
Is MRM right for every Organisation?
The issues involved in MRM installation

MRM Explained

What activities does MRM manage?

MRM is concerned with managing all aspects of the production of marketing collateral. That is, the message to be given to customers, and the physical object used to deliver the message.


This statement of responsibilities is quite clear, and differentiates MRM from the various other systems which manage other Marketing activities.

Other systems do not really manage the production of assets but never the less have recently blurred the issue as some CRM (Customer Relationship Management systems) suppliers see Marketing as the next expansion area for their systems and argue that MRM is an integral part of CRM. 

On the sitewww.realmarket.comCRM is defined as: 

“ the core of any customer-focused business strategy and includes the people, processes, and technology questions associated with marketing, sales, and service. In today's hyper-competitive world, organizations looking to implement successful CRM strategies need to focus on a common view of the customer using integrated information systems and contact center implementations that allow the customer to communicate via any desired communication channel. Lastly, CRM is a core element in any customer-centric eBusiness strategy.”


Though the definition cites ‘marketing' as an area managed by CRM it is clear that CRM is Customer focussed, which does not really expand too easily in to managing the production of marketing collateral.

So, for example, CRM will control when a campaign is required, MRM will manage all aspects of creating a brochure to promote this campaign and then the CRM system will be used to select which of the customers is to receive the brochure.

The two processes are different but interface with each other.

Finally, as an integral part of managing the marketing collateral, MRM is concerned with Brand Management.

This is totally logical, as Brand Management will determine the look, feel and even the content of marketing collateral used to deliver messages to customers.


So, this provides a good starting point for a definition of MRM.

MRM manages all aspects of Brand Management and the associated production of Marketing Collateral”


As the further aspects of MRM are explained, this definition will grow to reflect the totality of the functionality covered.