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The Term MRM
What activities does MRM manage?
How far does the MRM system extend?
What functionality is covered?
MRM Definition & Diagram
What benefits will MRM deliver?
What savings should MRM Deliver?
Is MRM right for every Organisation?
The issues involved in MRM installation

MRM Explained

How far does the MRM system extend?

MRM manages every aspect of the production of marketing collateral. As a result it must be capable of being:

a totally integrated solution covering all aspects of Marketing collateral creation,

an Enterprise wide solution (ie across all parts of Marketing and their agents / suppliers who are involved in creating collateral.)


Packages which only cover some of the activities involved in creating collateral are really solutions to particular problems and are not MRM.

Unless a totally holistic solution is offered it is not possible to manage all of the aspects of the production of Marketing Collateral.


Similarly, packages which cannot handle the security aspects required to allow Agencies on to an Extranet so that they can participate in the Marketing processes, should not be called MRM solutions.

So, the definition of MRM can grow to:

“MRM is an holistic system, capable of serving the whole of the Marketing Enterprise (including both internal and external Agencies), which manages all aspects of Brand Management and the associated production of Marketing Collateral”.