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The Term MRM
What activities does MRM manage?
How far does the MRM system extend?
What functionality is covered?
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What benefits will MRM deliver?
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Is MRM right for every Organisation?
The issues involved in MRM installation

MRM Explained

The issues involved in MRM installation


MRM systems have been designed to be easy to use and have a simple Graphic User Interface (GUI), which makes training and user acceptance fairly simple.

MRM applications have, in the main been designed for Marketing by people who have real experience of Marketing, so the systems follow a Marketing logic which users can readily understand.

However, every single part of the MRM implementation will involve a degree of Change Management. To gain full benefit from the MRM there is a need to select the best practices to be adopted to match the needs of the business, the Marketing organisation and the functionality of the MRM.

MRM systems will require new ways of working, to make the best use of the system. Marketing must however ensure that the selected ways of working are right for their business and are not just the easiest ways of introducing the technology. It would be a false economy to take, long term, a totally standard MRM and change the Marketing processes to match the software functionality unless the new processes really are correct for the business.

Most MRM systems will support several ways of working. There is no one best way for all Marketing activities. Change management should ensure that the right processes are introduced, with minimum disruption to on-going business, whilst making the best use of the MRM system and the skills of the new users.

Good Marketing deliveries increases in the company's bottom line. Risking increases in turn over to avoid changing software is a high risk strategy.

From an IT perspective the MRM will often involve processes which have previously been managed externally and may be new to the IT Operation (eg most images will have been created on Macs, and used image management systems which are not normally supported by the Microsoft / PC centric IT organisations run by most large companies.)


The MRM Suppliers may have people who can help with these issues, but their main focus will be to implement their product and devise approaches which make best use of their system. The strength of MRM suppliers is much more concentrated on software development and installation than on the Change Management which will always be necessary when introducing MRM. In all installations it is essential that Marketing ensure that they are introducing the best practice for the specific needs of their organisation and not merely installing a MRM following the old processes.

This role calls for the type of specialist skills which can only be obtained either from experienced Consultants (such as, or from specialist Marketing support organisations such as cogentum ( or Agencies with a track record of delivering MRM Consultants such as (

Details of experience companies supplying MRM installation and evaluation support can be found on the Suppliers page