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The Term MRM
What activities does MRM manage?
How far does the MRM system extend?
What functionality is covered?
MRM Definition & Diagram
What benefits will MRM deliver?
What savings should MRM Deliver?
Is MRM right for every Organisation?
The issues involved in MRM installation

MRM Explained

Is MRM right for every Organisation?


MRM is not right for every organisation. It is an holistic solution for companies which run campaigns using multiple channels, or where opportunities exist for collaboration between different teams etc.  For some organisations MRM is inappropriate.  They could probably gain all the benefits they need from Marketing Automation packages which provide solutions for specific problems without the need to integrate in to a larger total solution.

It is not just a question of size. Marketing departments, working out of limited number of offices, following simple procedures that match their business requirements would not gain significantly from MRM even if their Marketing spend is quite high.

There are some criteria which make it easier to recognise the types of organisation which would benefit from MRM. An organisation may not need to match all the criteria, but they should match at least 5 and believe that they would benefit from an holistic approach to their issues.

These criteria are:


Budget in excess of £6m.


Reasonably large spend, so they can justify the costs of MRM against the costs of applications which do not approach problems from a total solution.


Operate out of several offices, collectively employing over 30 staff.


Increased numbers of offices increases the need for support of collaborative working.


Create more than 10 pieces of collateral per employee per month.


People under constant pressure to deliver collateral require support.


Involve complicated creation and or sign off processes.


As long as the complexity really is best practice.


Have a need to re-use existing collateral.


A Proven need for a DAM.


Deliver through several Marketing Channels.


Need DAM and reformatting to issue “same collateral” via different channels.


Spend more Executive time on Meetings and reporting than on creative aspects.


Need technology to put Marketing back in charge of Marketing.


The question of Budget is quite interesting.  I quote above a figure of £6m whilst others quote higher figures of £8m plus, which leads most people to believe all MRM solutions must be expensive.  Until a few months ago that was certainly the case, but since September 2004 new suppliers have emerged offering MRM solutions at substantially lower costs, and in some instances, with functionality which equals those of the more established suppliers.

I quote £6m, not because of the costs of MRM but because, in my experience, companies with budgets of that size will, more probably be running complex campaigns, involving multiple teams across many offices and requiring asset approval across a number of Agencies.  So I am using Budget as an indication of probable complexity, not as an indicator of the costs of MRM.